Dec 9, 2016

3D printed lamp sketches 005

Nov 17, 2016

3D printed lamp sketches 004

Oct 26, 2016

3D printed lamp sketches 003

Oct 14, 2016

3D printed lamp sketches 002

Sep 2, 2016

3D printed lamp sketches 001

Sep 1, 2016

concept for a Butterfly Vivarium 

Mar 25, 2016

The design consists of a shell structure and obelisk that conjures up Venetian architecture. While the arches present in both structures allude to the Baroque époque, the components of the shell remind one of the colorful Venetian roofs. The Obelisk is a hierarchical element performing as a point of reference at a distance similar to St Mark’s Clocktower. The fact Venice has hosted vanguard architectures throughout its Biennales is reflected in the overall morphology, design method and fabrication technique used here. Planes of water fuse reflections of both the existing and the new.
Location: Marco Polo airport entrance, Venice

Feb 28, 2016

Concept for a shell structure 002

Jan 31, 2016

Adaptive Growth 002

Isosurface generated from a particle-branch system which represents growth of a virtual organism on the human body
Adaptive growth 001

Concept for a house