Aug 23, 2010

This is the group work that we developed at the Material intelligence workshop. The goal of the project was to explore different parametric features in a system made of differentiated components, as well as including the potential material for design innovation. Through iterative work flows with an emphasis placed on material prototyping, an installation was designed integrating digital parametric design and fabrication. The equipment used included an industrial CNC 3-axis Mill and CNC High-Force Cutter, The primary CAD platform used was Grasshopper for Rhino3D, supported by a suite of associated programs including Rhino Cam, RhinoNest, and Brazil Render.

Apr 9, 2010


The goal of the workshop was to design a constructive system composed out of uniquely formed building blocks. The architectural potential of the developed system was tested through applying it on the design and fabrication of a prototypical building structure. The blocks were fabricated out of Styrofoam using a robot in combination with a hot wire cutting machine and dry joined. Stability of the building element was achieved through friction and the interlocking of the individual blocks.

Cluster leaders: Tobias Bonwetsch, Ralph Bärtschi, Andrea Kondziela (Gramatio&Kohler DFABARCH) – ETH Zurich | Cluster team: Ionut Anton, Paolo Cascone, Kristoffer Josefsson, Martin Kaftan, Eleni Kolovou, Peter Liebsch, Alessandro Loffredo, Sven Pfeiffer, Diana Quintero, Stefane Tabsoba, Giancarlo Torpiano, Ebru Ulu.

Jan 13, 2010

This residential building was generated from the system designed in Smart Geometry in SF last year. It consists of the integration of a growth algorithm with different variables and the application of external forces as driving factors in the generation of the overall form. The initial geometry of this project was generated in Generative Components and then developed in Maya at Tony Owen Partners.